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pay attention to your breathing. focus on the breath without trying to control it. this centers your awareness in the present. in order to be immersed in your thoughts you have to be out of the present, in imagination or memory – so the control isn’t so much controlling your thoughts as it is control… ah! remember that there trendingshirt – uncle claus t-shirt are also many forms of movement meditation (walking meditation, taiji, sufi dancing, …). in sitting meditation we are intending to look only at our mental experience as free as possible of extraneous, task centred activity. first, a comfortable erect posture is essential to kee… what are chakras you ask? chakras are eight centers of energy in your body. there are eight, and they each play an important role in balancing your energy. it is important to understand the chakra meaning because it is necessary for chakra activation to generate the positive energy in the body and t… even pema chodron, a western buddhist monk for over 35 years, says she is not able to focus completely. what matters is not total focus, but your awareness and your continued response of pulling your attention back to your focus. more than that, if you set a goal for total focus, you become discourage.
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